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Laura Dore: Model

This pages shows Model Laura Dore from several angles, wearing a Bikini.

Laura Dore

Laura Dore

her left

from behind

her right


Walking Upstairs

Laura Dore bio

Laura Dore was born April 28, 1986, Austin Texas As a young adult, she contemplated on entering fitness competitions, but her curvaceous figure didnít fit the criteria. During NBA All-Star Weekend back in 2006, Laura entered a model competition. The show never materialized, but she ended up getting discovered in spite of it. What followed was casting call for Show Magazine, where she earned a 12-page spread in the publication. From there, she has gained further exposure and recognition.

Her measurements really are noteworthy: 34-23-39. Her waist circumference is less than 60% of her hips! Many icons like Marilyn Munroe, Jayne Mansfield and Sophia Loren noted for their hourglass figures had a waist-hip ratio around 70%.

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